Social Roles In Agriculture

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Performed by social institutions are the social activities of agriculture. In Punjab like rural areas here the social institutions play an important role like family or you can say Berardi. In the building block of the social organization family cooperation has been a necessary component in farming. The modernization of agriculture has changed the behavior mode of agriculture as agricultural modes are changing it is known as industrial technology. Kinship since the ancient times is social institution which has been into farming social activities where agriculture is not only seen as technical but also a social activity. Sociology in agriculture is in deal with the model of sociology which work is to establish attitudes as well as to adopt agricultural…show more content…
Nature for instance raw materials or finished goods, instruments as well as human inputs come under the heading of production. In family farming these terms are used as these terms explain production clearly. Land is taken as farming and nature would be the component we will take from the prospects of production. Technologies or machinery used by the farmers can be taken as the next component from production aspects. Lastly the aspect of human input example labor would be taken into…show more content…
Thorough research has been conducted in these two eras consisting of Nuclear family and Joint family System, studies told that this family consists of only a single married people who dare to take decisions and make their work life balance as well. In the case of Joint family system so it consider the married sons two or three will live along with their old parents, the entire family living together. They all have the tendency to share their daily routines with each other as well as they all work together collaboratively. The selected area has a family system of a patriarchal type of, in which entire household is on the hands of an eldest man in the family.
Only decisions are made when farming share is taken into consideration. Decisions are made that from which family human labor can be replaced, it is the case in it. Further to this context, the socio-economic status is also replaced with the other family. In the same social class, family farming activities are held.
The way Weber treats the different classes and their status explains how the material basis of societies are linked with the ideological nature. By the brought up of statuses by Weber, he elaborates about the social differences as well as explains the Social

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