Roles Of Women In Ancient Greece

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The role of women has differed from one period to period and from country to country. The changes have occurred according to the changes of societies and their people beliefs. In Athena, there were differences in the women role in many aspects. Their roles were limited to being either wives or mothers. However, they became having some rights in their family, civic and political lives. Women were devoted themselves to their husbands. Kay O’Pry who is the writer of "Social and Political Roles of Women in Athens and Sparta" explains the stages of women 's lives at its time. Before they get married, they were controlled by their fathers then the responsibility fell to their husbands. Also, they were married in their early teens to an older husband. Marriages were planned and the bride did not meet her husband until the betrothal details had been achieved. Moreover, one of the most important things was virginity because a man must be a father to his children especially since citizenship in Athens depended on the birthplace of both parents. Furthermore, if a woman asked for a divorce, she could…show more content…
The women of Sparta had more freedom than women from other Greek cities. This freedom began at birth from their families who treated females as well as male. Spartan women had to be almost as educated as men because they took care of their interests when the men were away at war. Also, they were not married off as soon as they reached puberty or until the age of eighteen to become physically mature. Moreover, women’s role was one of maternity. Sparta’s interest was not for the number of children but for the production of healthy male children for the Spartan military and healthy female children for reproduction. Also, Spartan women could own property and could dispose of it how they willed. Finally, they role in politics was like the other women in Greek. They couldn’t participate in
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