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As a professional social worker for Ryerson University, I would like to bring awareness to an issue that is troubling the students attending this school. Ryerson University is well known for many of its outstanding programs. However, it is also known as a commuter school. Commuters refer to people who travel to and from work, school or events on a regular basis. In this case, we are referring to public transit since many students do not have the luxury to afford their own car to commute. The issue is that the public transit in Toronto is creating a barrier for many students in their school and work life (Forth, Manalugh & El-Geneidy, 2012) . Many students in general are experiencing stress, anxiety and financial crisis because of …show more content…

Meaning, that many students have chosen this particular school because it is the closest to their family home. The cost for tuition and residence for other schools is beyond their affordability (See Figure 1). Understanding the history of many students in Ryerson, it is definitely made aware that these students heavily rely on public transportation to get to classes. However, the transportation system has many barriers that is overlooked by the school. Due to the barriers of the public transit, students are struggling in school and having difficulties in keeping up. This can results to increase in school dropout rates (South, Haynie & Bose, 2007). Many students are unable to keep up with their school work and constantly feeling overwhelmed with both school and their personal life. Students currently attend school, are just striving to get their assignments done on time because if not, they face penalty deduction. However, through the rush, many students are just finishing their assignments for the marks and instantly forgetting everything they have learned. They are just finishing their assignments and exams with no other thought than to just pass. The purpose of being in school becomes a focus on getting a degree rather than the education itself. However, if the barriers of the students are reduced, this can increase their academic …show more content…

Academic stress from the intensive demands of developmental and academic tasks greatly influences the mental health of students (Guo, Wang, Johnson & Diaz, 2011). As well, school curriculum has become increasingly difficult. Through the intense modules, student’s mental and physical health are deteriorating (Guo, Wang, Johnson & Diaz, 2011). A study conducted revealed that due to the intense curriculum in school, students are sleeping less during the week than when reported in previous years (Edens, 2006). Not only does school effect their physical being, but due to this, their academic performance decreases. The inefficient public transit further induce students into the stress of school and lack of sleep (Kelly, 1973). On average, Ryerson students commute from 2 to 4 hours a day. This time that could be spent resting, studying or doing other activities is then spent in a congested space. This also does not account for the delays and traffic that occur within the various transportation companies ranging

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