Theme Of Social Separation In Oryx And Crake

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In the article “Social Separation in Oryx and Crake” by Sarah Nielsen, Nielsen covers the main theme that surrounds the story of Atwood’s take on what could happen to our own world if we make decisions without calculating all of the possible outcomes. It begins by stating how the division in class in the novel is important because it is like a glimpse into our future. She briefly explains how the separation of class is an important factor as to how the world ended in Oryx and Crake.
Nielsen goes into detail in which why the separation of class is vital in the storyline. Nielsen talks about how growing up, Jimmy had the opportunity to live in one of the Compounds, OrganInc Compound, because his father was a scientist. She explains how each
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This part of the book supports Nielsen’s claim on how only those who are seen to have the ability to provide an advancement in their world are able to advance themselves in society. Nielsen further supports her claim by explaining how those in this new compound are even more divided from those in the Pleeblands and she also explains how it is seen in the book how Jimmy’s mother doesn’t agree with the way things a run and how she is the only one who notices the “…the social injustices that are taking place…” (Line…show more content…
She makes a valid point with comparing the communities’ compounds to gated communities, in which they are basically the same thing yet in the story we are clearly able to tell that there is a problem with the way it is divided yet no one seems to notice that problem in our society. Education wise is almost similar too, nowadays arts are still important but many would be disappointed if one were to choose that instead of a science or technological education. I do think that this book is a possible glimpse into our future if we continue the way we do. There isn’t as much as a class separation now like there is in Oryx and Crake, but it is possible for our society to reach that level if we continue how we
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