Social Service: The Importance Of Social Media

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It has come to a point where we cannot neglect social media. Before social networks started to take its place in the world, the first ever recognizable social media site, Six Degrees, was created in 1997. Other than the early media, the business review from “The Australian” showed that many new ones were created ever since its start, whether they are widely known or not. (Carter, Clay) According to an article called “The History of Social Networking”, the only “social medias” that people used before the 20th century were ‘telegraphs’ and ‘postal service’. ("The History of Social Networking.”) Back then, people didn’t have access to contact one another across the countries. It is even told that social media is not used in appropriate ways and often causes bad effects. However, due to its number of users, fast speed, and nonviolent uses, the development of Social Network Service (SNS) has become the most effective means for spreading and raising awareness. First, social media allows us to reach out to the most number of people. It is the best way to convey a large group of people whatever news is going around. It has the ability to reach out to many people at the same time. Since social media is used by numerous people in the world, it guarantees that many will be aware of the news that comes up every second. Social media also allows us to have this thing called ‘mutual friends’. This is in terms of facebook, instagram, and many more medias. You can see other people through

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