Six Conceptual Models Of Ecological Barker's Model

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A setting isn’t just a geographical and physical location, but has social situations intertwined among it. Settings can be as broad as culture, organizations, societies, government, and social movements or precise like friends, family, towns, or classrooms. A setting that plays a huge role in my life is UIC. This setting consists of several components such as social relationships, physical characteristics, and time. There are so many elements that go into the setting of UIC. Being in college has taught me so much and affected my growth and developing stages of my life. It consists of not only academics, but of building relationships, maturing, learning to be independent and grow as a person. There are six conceptual models of ecological…show more content…
Barker’s behavior settings are the setting that determines the behavior no matter who is present. Behavior settings are the primary unit of analysis; has a place, time, and a standing pattern of behavior. A primary goal is to identify behavior settings and understand the rules and features that maintain them. Barker’s model includes the theory of optimally and underpopulated settings. Optimally populated means it is overpopulated and there are more people than there are roles. Because of this, optimally populated behavior settings are usually more competitive and results in exclusion. Underpopulated settings have more roles than people. Average underpopulation leads to more responsibility and opportunity to take part in activities and develop skills, while too much underpopulation can be harmful. The rules of behavior settings are program circuits, goal circuits, deviation-countering circuits, and vetoing circuits. Program circuits guide standing behavior pattern, such as an agenda or routines and goal circuits satisfy goals of individuals. Deviation-countering circuits involve training individuals for roles in the behavior setting and correcting behavior. Vetoing circuits occur when individuals are excluded from the behavior setting. These models conceptualize settings because they consist of personal development, social situations, and relationships between individuals and the environment…show more content…
Academic dishonest is a huge role in this setting because people often try to plagiarize on their assignments or look off of their classmates’ exams/quizzes, and doing this is not a fair way to gage some one’s performance. This is why we maintain academic honesty no matter assignment we are trying to do to keep circumstances fair. Professors always try to find all possible ways to keep students from cheating, but at the end of the day, some students still find a way to cheat. But with the rules, expectations, and consequences set up by the University, they are able to keep the students in check and this decreases the likelihood of cheating. The next rule is being respectful to teachers and students. This consists of several things such as talking when the teacher is talking, using phones in class, respecting each other’s space, being kind to one another, and being respectful to everyone. This can also refer to diversity, sexism, and racism. There is so much diversity at UIC and I believe that we must be respectful of everyone to make the college campus a more fun, safe, and comfortable environment. This rule maintains behavior at UIC because usually people are more intimated by authority figures and people in higher positions. Being disruptive during the class, or showing harmful attitude towards other people doesn’t bring
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