Social Software Disadvantages

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Advances in information technology are changing the way in which individuals communicate and interact. With this new technology, people can meet, connect, and co-work in virtual space (Marenzi et al., 2008).The Internet is becoming a core part of mainstream social life. In addition to email and instant messaging services, various social technologies, such as blogs and social networking services, have become more widely used (Grossman et al., 2009). The advent of social networking applications, and especially of websites dedicated to promoting social interaction, caused a social phenomenon in the Internet. Millions of users, some of who have little or no prior experience using online applications, regularly turn to websites such as Face book, MySpace, and Twitter and you tube just to name a few (Joyce., 2010).
Mobile social software (MSS) is an emerging paradigm which exploits the media convergence process and the increasing power of mobile devices to offer a variety of services (Von Krogh .,2012). The strength of social software is that it can integrate and unite people with similar interests and provides enhanced possibilities for sharing ideas (Counts et al.,2005). The major areas of Social Software include blogs, wikis, and the social network services. Social Software provides various tools; some tools are focused more on the connection between people, while others are designed to allow users to share different types of information or work together on one project. A
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