Social Statice In The Great Gatsby

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In this book there were many people that were unsatisfied with who they were with or what the person was doing such as cheating or even having another life with someone else. This also happens in real life many people can be unsatisfied with there spouse but back then it was very uncommon for a devorce to happen unlike now where it is very common. There were also people unsatisfied with there wealth or social statice in the book. This Book is called the Great Gatby it was written by F Scott Fitzgerald. First I will start with daisy she was not happy being with Tom because she wanted to be with gatsby she even told Gatsby “I wish we could just run away”[Fitzgerald]. She wanted to run away and be with Gatsby and only him she didnt want to have…show more content…
But if you read closley you will notice that there are a few things that he is annoyed with and a few people that he doesnt really like. By the end of the book he didnt like Gatsby because he thougt he was a lier and a bootlegger. He was working on wall street and even thought that was his dream job because he wanted to make a lot of money he wasnt getting a lot of work or not a lot of people were calling him. And although daisy was his cousin he was upset with her because she was married to Tom but at the same time she was sneaking around with Gatsby even though he liked them together he didn 't like that she was cheating on Tom because she gets very upset when he was cheating on her so why should she do it to him if she loves Gatsby so much she should just divorce Tom and marry him. There were many more people in this book that were unhappy or I un satisfied with their lives. They were unhappy with their relationships, their social statuses, there money or jobs the list goes on. And Gatsby, daisy and Nick were three of the most important people in the book and they were all unhappy about something. And that’s what I talk about in this

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