Social Stereotypes In Zootopia

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Prejudice still plagues this world. All around the world, there are people who misjudge each other because of their race, religion, gender, age, height, etc. The film Zootopia consists of ninety percent prey and ten percent predator and is filled with prejudice. Predators are viewed as vicious, suspicious, and ready to attack any minute by preys. Zootopia centers on a strong-willed and hardworking bunny named Judy Hopps, who is trying to find her place in the world. Throughout her journey, she encounters several different animals that challenge her viewing perspective on their “genetics.” Zootopia advocates awareness about social stigmas throughout the movie by depicting the absurdity and impact of these stereotypes. The movie starts with nine-year-old Judy at her school play. Her performance focuses on explaining different types of animals, their beginnings as predators and preys, and their evolvement to where they can all live together in harmony. Judy realizes that her…show more content…
“The world of Zootopia is one with no humans. All animals live together in basic tolerance. Predators have had the savagery bred out of them, so a lion can be near a sheep.” Judy was able to change the way the other animals viewed each other and attempted to diminish prejudice. Judy advocated on everyone loving and accepting one another saying “just because he happened to be a fox,” it does not mean anything (Hoffman). Judy, a bunny who proved to be more than just a carrot farmer, shows children that they can do whatever they want to do with their life. She advocates that even if no one believes in them, with hard work and perseverance, they can achieve anything. Zootopia proves that stereotypes are just stereotypes. Nick, Judy, and all of the other animals exemplify how one can be themselves and meet their full potentials regardless of the negative mindsets held against

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