Social Stereotypes In The Victorian Period

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In the first place, the Victorian Period was the awakening of social stereotypes of behavior. Family values, patriarchal families, religious beliefs and women rights were the debatable themes of that time. This era started formally in 1837, when Victoria became Queen of England, and ended in 1901 with her death. Queen Victoria was the first English monarch who had a period named after her during her lifetime. Remarkable changes brought England to develop their highest point of their economy, establishing them as a world power. However, the economy was affected by the cause of the uncontrollable industrialization, transmitting this to social and economic problems. The Victorian period is divided into three stages: early Victorian period (1837-…show more content…
Commencing with, Charlotte Brontё, one of the most important exponents of Victorian literature. She wrote various top hit novels. She became the famous and respectable writer she was because she broke all of the stereotypes of women’s capacity in society. The writing style of this woman was based on criticizing all the aspects of women 's inequality and the role that women were supposed to perform in society. Nevertheless, she was not at all attached to the writing style of that time. She also wrote of some genres that where not conventionally written, for example, gothic horror stories. One of her masterpieces, the one that helped that her voice and the voice of women were heard was Jane Eyre. The novel opens up with Jane Eyre as an orphan child cared by Mrs. Reed, who was cruel with her. Mrs. Reed put her in a cheap orphanage called Lowood School, where it was also horrible because no one cared about those children. She lost her dearest friend of tuberculosis. Because of this, Jane became a governess where she fell in love of Mr. Rochester. She cannot marry him because she found a terrible secret, transmitting that a women would not rise up on social classes during the Victorian period. Additionally to this, the plot around in a gothic horror theme where ghosts and secrets. Brontё criticize the role that women had in that time. The lack of feminism, limits of women, the concept of how a woman had to behave, how women had to be un-passionate and respectful all the time, the way that women could not express themselves, and rebellions are the themes presented in this novel and the ones that Charlotte criticized about the Victorian period. Furthermore, she criticized how medicine could be more advanced. She expressed her background in her novel. Her sister died of tuberculosis, such as Jane’s best friend; the same way that many people were dying of tuberculosis and other untreated diseases. In this period medicine advanced: discoverments and solutions were founded

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