Social Stigma In Education

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India forms the largest democracy in the world. [1] To Indians, education has always been very important. Unfortunately, whether or not that education is used in any way in the future does not matter. It is still very much a social stigma to have a child who is not educated. Other parts of the stigma include children who are confused, taking gap years and have refused to do a post graduate degree because they don’t need it. Understandably, parents in India are concerned about stability, job opportunities and the financial future of their child. A Career is that work which meets the basic definition while getting you fulfilment too out of it. It is more than income and benefits. It provides opportunities for advancement. An individual gets to challenge and nurture his personal growth. It’s a life, vocation, profession or work; the way one wishes to take it. It provides a person with his/her identity. [2] The orthodox mentality that is still prevalent in many families is of people wishing for their child to pursue traditional careers such as medicine, engineering or law etc. The reason for this was that these careers would ostensibly help their family attain a respectable status in the society as well give their child a secure and stable future. The problem with this mindset is that it is not so easy to fulfil. These high paying jobs have posts limited in number and the competition is tough. A majority of failed aspirants for these jobs become unemployed. The returns that a
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