Example Of The Social Structural-Functional Approach

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1. Social Stratification is social differences or inequalities between groups based on their gander, income, race or religious. For Example, in the movie, Chris and his wife were working and were poor and low-income family. Their son did not get the opportunity to attend a better daycare, or spend time with his parents because both were running to make their living. 2. Socioeconomic Status is the social position of individual such as economic, and education. For instance, Chris and his family would be categorized as someone who has lowest socioeconomic status. Chris has high school diploma. He did not have a college degree to earn a better income. He was living poor neighborhood to homeless shelter. 3. Capitalist Society: means that production and industries are privately owned so the economy development depends on the profit of the owners. Chris did not get a decent job before because…show more content…
Structural-Functional Approach: is a structure for building theory that sees society as a complicated system whose parts work together to encourage solidarity and stability. Example, Chris wanted to change his position that society sees him by getting a better job. Even if he change his life style and get more money, Chris will believe that framework is stable. 14. Social-Conflict Approach is powerful groups or individuals using power and conflict with less power groups. Example, Chris is color man who wanted to improve his life by getting a job and living in high rank class. That means he was going a tough conflict since majority of the society in the wok place were Caucasian people with high stander living. 15. Symbolic-Interaction Approach describes social behavior in terms of how people communicate with each other through symbols. Example, the internship mentor was interacting with Chris as he requests him to perform more than what his job is, unlike the other Caucasian interns. Since Chris seemed a very low class, and the mentor was taking advantage of
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