Social Stratification In Education

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Social class stratification
According to (Ritzer & George, 5) social stratification refers to the classification or ranking of people in the in a given society. In the ranking of individuals a certain group has power, wealth and great status more than others. These differences among the society members are what results to social stratification. A society can be classified or stratified by social class, in this classification United States of America citizens are ranked according to their wealth status or power influence. However, as per Weber, Class is not a supreme factor in stratification. He noted that how Managers of corporations or industries control firms they do not own. For stratification to take place the members of the society have
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However the different social classes, in USA influences where one gets his/her education from. For instances upper class members take their kids or themselves to prestigious learning institutions while those of working poor level only have access to substandard schools which are not well equipped with facilities. ("Recent Trends And Current Problems In USA Higher Education.", 21) it is believed that education can lead to equality in the society but due to differences in the social class it seems to be a tall…show more content…
Different educational level give rise to courses like technical or profession, all these courses are of essence in life enhancement and therefore the value they add to the society should be credited . If this fails to happen the functionality of education will cease and students will be attracted to the courses that receive credit from the USA citizens. This will result to a “vacuum” in the society due to “flooding” of other courses given credit ("Recent Trends And Current Problems In USA Higher Education.", 18).
. The new generation will tend to enroll to prestigious courses, since for them having a prestigious academic qualification it will be a ladder to move them from one class to the other. This weakness in their thought makes it hard for them to be applicable with the new generation who prefer white collar courses (Ritzer, George, & Douglas, 78).
My personal experience and social
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