Social Stratification In Society

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Social stratification is an exciting facet of our human lives. Social stratification is when society groups people into many different categories. Gender, socioeconomic status, and race are just some examples. For this paper, I specifically chose the topics of middle and lower social class, and non-male genders. Because these categories are social constructs, everyone has a different idea of what each one means. After interviewing a few people about the topics, I chose this differentiation became apparent. Additionally, I saw social stratification through the eyes of the people that I interviewed, opening my own eyes to a larger picture, and a different perspective. Social stratification has been described as many things, but the concept is relatively easy to grasp. As a whole, I would say that social stratification is the way humans categorize other people and themselves. Additionally, those people then rank others and themselves in a hierarchy of the ideal human and the most imperfect human imaginable. This is normal and completely acceptable behavior, and everyone does it. However, not all…show more content…
I interviewed two members of the female gender. While my interviewees disagreed as to whether gender has to do with biological factors, both only said that there were two: male and female. Moreover, all of the people I a different gender (that isn’t exciting, it is just a similarity I noticed). The interviewees both felt social class was a more significant obstacle than gender. One interviewee claimed that she was not affected by issues of gender, and another one claimed that issues of gender are not still relevant in the United States today. When asked about how she would improve gender relations in the United States, one interviewee said “I suggest that we don’t improve them. We just let it be” the other interviewee gave a vague response about needing equality overall and “Not as much
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