Examples Of Social Stratification In Sociology

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Edwin Vardeh Bobby Hutchison Sociology 101: Introduction into Sociology July 1, 2015 Social Stratification in Sociology Social stratification is mention when society is being explained in a disagreement in two, or more groups being separated from themselves. Basically what I am trying to say is that what social stratification is social classes or categories. Which is a trend that finds out how measurable is social stratification; which is essentially economic ones. For example, there are people that are categorized in the names of the lower class, middle class, and the upper middle class. By saying that the lower class are poor and have to work for a living, and barely have food for end of the month after paying their bills; which make life hard for them. On the other hand, there is the middle class which have standard decent jobs that are able to pay off all their bills and still have money leftover to buy whatever they want and still have less stress than the lower class do. The last is the upper middle class, that are very rich people that don’t have any financial problems and live a nice and easy steady…show more content…
Sometimes, in a democratic society there can be drawbacks such as the inequalities of the classes. For example, there comes a time when you wonder if other people that do better in socio economic classes that exploit others around that do not have an edge in societal classes. What I am trying to say is, that it is either both good or bad for society. It can be good for society because it allows classes to progress over time, and it can be bad for society because those who are lower class have a hard time trying to advance in a pace of their times. For example, there is a senator, and there can be never two senators that are always in question of the state. So, they there can only be one, and that there must be subordinates under him or her that support his or hers
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