Social Structural Differences In N. W. A.

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To begin with, social structure is defined as “the framework of society that was already laid out before you were born” (Henslin, 2015, p. 99). The social structural factors that influence the characters in N.W.A are the environment where they live (inner city neighborhoods of Compton, CA), gang-related crime, racism, and police brutality. These factors shape the characters’ personalities and actions. They are brought up to believe that because they are minorities, they have no hope and need to find a way to deal with everyday life, even if those ways are against the law. The dominant social group in this movie (White Americans) including the police adds to their social structure by viewing the main characters as troublemakers and deviant to…show more content…
These two dominating groups responded in anger and fear, with police saying that the rap group’s lyrics are provocative, intimidating, and belittling women. They ignore the fact that N.W.A is expressing the realities of violence and racism by police that they and others from Compton experience every day. In many occasions where they perform, police would encircle them and finish the concert with arrests while others riot around the city. As the story progressed, social structural factors are what drives N.W.A to create songs like “F the Police” and “Straight Outta Compton” because their surrounding circumstances are out of their control. Their mentality, values, and beliefs are affected by the harsh reality of life in Compton, from gang violence to racism; this way of life is set for them and opportunities such as getting a good education is far from what they see for themselves. The only thing that the main characters can do is to voice their opinion by exposing life in the…show more content…
Both characters become like puppets of the White men who made a fortune out of them. This problem creates a role conflict within Eazy-E who is pressured by Jerry to choose between remaining with Ice Cube, or advancing his career as a rapper. Eazy-E chooses to go with Jerry, which ends his friendship with Ice Cube and they part ways. This also causes a role strain in Eazy-E when sees that Ice Cube’s career is advancing and he starts to get jealous even though he decided to part ways with his friend. In the end, N.W.A shows the concept of teamwork in that they came back together after leaving the group previously. What bonded them was their shared experience of living in Compton. The characters have a common purpose and goal, which is to publicize what took place behind the scenes in Compton, CA and this united

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