Social Structure In Animal Farm

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Setting, referring to the external and internal context of a novel renders each work different from the other. The setting differentiates the texts by the way it shapes the characters and the social structure. In fact, one can see that the setting significantly affects the characters, the social structure within the texts. For instance, in The Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass by Frederick Douglass and Animal Farm by G. Orwell, the country and farm setting have a substantial effect on many aspects of the novel such as its characters, the social structure and the mood. This is important because it shows how humans’ behavior is dictated by the environment in which they evolve. By focusing on the country and city setting in Animal Farm and The Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass, it is fair to say that the environment dictates the behavior of its inhabitants.
The place of a story determines what will possibly happen,
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Setting affects the social structure of a text. On Animal Farm, the setting clearly has an impact on the hierarchy. For instance, the setting of the allegory on a typical British Farm has an effect on the social structure. By setting up an allegory, the author attributes human characteristics to animals. By attributing the ability to think to some animals, the pyramid of the social structure becomes upside down. In fact, the ability to think, always referring to the setting helps in the demolition of the ancient social structure in which the masters were humans. Therefore there is a modification in the hierarchy. In fact the animals become equal to humans. The diplomatic relations the pigs have with Mr. Frederick evince this idea. Moreover, one can see that the pigs later eat at the same table with the humans. This indicates the equality of these two characters in the social
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