Compare And Contrast Whitejacket And Bee Social Structures

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llowjacket and bee social structures
The Eastern Yellowjacket ( Vespula maculifrons) and the Western honey bee (Apis mellifera) share many similarities and differences when it comes to their social dynamic and hierarchy. Both insects have similar classes from the queen to the worker and then finally the drones. All these different classes do almost the exact same job between the yellowjackets and the honey bees but the two do share major differences in timing and population size as well as a difference in ferocity between the two species. The social structure of a honey bee hive is almost as complicated as a human city and as stated by groworganic “hives in the west can contain from 10,000 to 600,000 honey bees” (2013, April 18. Meet the 3 Kinds of Honey Bees in a Hive. Retrieved April 18, 2013, from A hive as big as a honey bees will need mateness and workers too take care of the
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The other class other then the queen are the drones, drones are males hatched from eggs that have not been fertilized, these drones hatch and have one purpose, to mate with the future queen, these drones will be kicked out of the hive after the mating season and will die leaving food for the Harvestmen (leiobunum vittatum) that have a mutual relationship with the bees. The final class in a honey bee hive is the queen, there is only one queen in the hive at a time until a “trigger” is had, this can be a queen randomly dying, an old queen

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