Social Structure Of The Victorian Era

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The essay aims to evaluate the social structure of the Victorian Era in regards of their social classes that includes Elite class, upper class, middle class, working class and lower class and their issues that they had faced while living their life in that era. However, before highlighting the social structure of Victorian era, it is important to understand the formation and working of Victorian society. Last of all, it further discusses the rise of Victorian middle class era that has transformed the Britain Society in the current social structure.

Introduction to Victorian Era
The Victorian era named after Queen Victoria succeed the throne in the year 1837 was one of the most rapidly progressing era of the Britain’s history as it was the era of revolution of peace and prosperity, changes in society and social background, politics, art and science. In addition, it was the era where different social classes was determined as elite class, upper class, middle class, working class as well as lower class among people. Though, the era of Queen Victoria witnesses huge political, social, industrial, and technological evolution. However, on the darker side, it is observed that the determination of social classes had increased the differences between the riches and the poor people that had increased the crime rate in that era (Davidoff, 2013). The major changes during the Victorian era include,
Transformation of Britain
As history stated that, the Great Britain went under major

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