Social Structures In America

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On a broad scale social structures are systems in place with smaller institutions that hold similar relationship and social patterns. Family is one of the five main important institutions. Family fits into social structures because family groups have been recorded through time, have the same social patterns, and it then continues to work by meeting the needs of the group.The length of family groupings has been recorded throughout time, because to mate and reproduce is human instinct. A family binds together to meet the needs of the individuals. It is important job for the family head to make sure no one starves, a very simple but complex need. Family also carries out the same patterns across cultures. For example, a male who donates sperm purposefully or accidentally to a woman who has a baby, then is considered a father. In every culture a man achieves this status by reproducing. His role then is to provide for the child, as he is expected to behave as a father now.


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In the 1990’s American schools resegregated and racial test schools widened the gap (Koppelman, 193). Subjects like history, literature, and art had a Euro centric bias and lacked a multicultural perspective. Tracking, which was initially justified to help students based on understanding learning levels, categorized students and actually hurt low level learners and racial minorities. Tracking made it more difficult for students learning English to attend college. Another issue involving race was the number of suspensions made. White students would get suspended for serious matters like smoking or vandalism, while black students would get suspended for being too loud. All in all there is still a significant divide between white students and students of other

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