Social Studies: Social Case Study In Davao City

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Name : A.k.a Epong
Age : 20 years old
Birthday : August 19, 1993
Birthplace : Davao City
Address : Purok Finetree, Barangay Buhangin Proper, Davao City
Sex : Male
Civil Status : Single
Religion : Roman Catholic
Educ. Attainment : 3rd year High School

Name of Members Relationship to Client Sex Age Educational Attainment Occupation Remarks
Gerry Father Male 46 High School Level Painter/Mikaniko
/Wilder Living in the same house with the client
Marivic Mother Female 45 Elementary Graduate Housewife Living in the same house with the client
Rachelle Eldest Female 24 College Level Teller Not living in the same house with
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Since, his mother and father are working to his Auntie’s business which is Junk Shop Epong really wanted to be with his father’s delivery time of junk products from the junk shop. But one day during the delivery, the delivery truck drive by his father hit the Police Mobile due to heavy traffic. His father was detained in jail automatically and that time Epong was so angry why his father was being jailed. Epong committed Malicious Mischief which means distraction of public property when he was 15 years old. With this case, his father also detained at Buhangin Police Station together with Epong. The case is malicious mischief because of the anger of Epong to the Police the client broke all the glasses of the Police Mobile. After overnight stay at the Police Station the client was transferred immediately to LAMDAG ng Kabataan. He was admitted for 5days at the center but his father bill the case and pay 2,000 pesos for his case and pay all the damages. With that experience Epong realized a lot of things and reflect on the things he was doing. By then, the client undergo 6 months Aftercare service provided by the CSSDO-Buhangin and the case is now close. The client will become a good example how from a CICL now become one of an asset of the community. According to the client from his experience staying in LAMDAG and celebrates his…show more content…
Since the problem presented the client cannot access to education because of financial constraints of the family it means that the government should provide this right of the client to have access to Education. And with Epong case the City Social Services and Development Office (CSSDO) is one of the agencies created by the City Government of Davao City. It’s their duty to provide the basic social services in the City like the client need which is access to education when he enter college. The client can avail scholarship program as long as he will submit all the requirements needed and pass it to CSSDO-Buhangin District since he is a residence of Barangay Buhangin, Davao City. Besides, it’s a basic right of the client to avail and access the government services since it is created for the people but it should be done by the people. Indeed, human rights based approach is about ensuring that both the standards and the principles of human rights are integrated into policymaking as well as the day to day running of
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