Social Studies: The Progressive Era

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Divya Rathore Mr .Meurs Social Studies The period known as the progressive era was the one of great political and social reform in the united states throughout this era politicians and reformers began the to try to better the lives of americans though legislation and social movements their efforts helped to create a more equal and just society for all the their accomplishments were far reaching and still be felt today. The progressions era, have got to change such as women are fighting to have the right to vote but many people believed that this was irresponsible that it was wrong for them to vote stated in document 1 and with this information it did not stop women from getting the right to vote they work even harder and stronger,…show more content…
Of time did Roosevelt the president title to speech called new nationalism in this speech he was talking about how monopolies and Trust worth it to the American people and how the roads were becoming more more popular and controlling the American people not allowing them to have freedom how did they could be easily cheated just to make a few extra dollars two persons with businesses at the year Roosevelt mention that was part of the problem was monopolies and trust and how they cannot be trusted and how they were the biggest start to the American people and the solution to the problem was to create a public welfare this stated in document for then in document 5 these are the laws that were created ‘every contact the combination created or otherwise come expectancy of a trust must be among several states or four nations must be declared illegal this so very big turning point inside the US history or no longer big corporations or owning the public where no matter lost like this in before created where so they are no longer monopolies or trust and these laws were designed to protect the public because it was preventing such combinations to occur according to document sex whenever the meat was spoiled it was put into cans and this did not have any sanitary conditions supernote sanitary conditions in this whole plant this many problems many people are getting sick from the conditions such as there are thousands of germs all over and to think I put inside the sausages aside from the meet the workers would put wrapped in two sausages and where they were feed poison bread again if this killed the rat how come it couldn't kill a human a stated stated in the document seven laws had to be made to make sure that human beings for not being killed by these contain contamination that is why the Meat Inspection Act of 1986 was created because dinner princess rose boat launch an investigation that reformed the wave the nation's food was prepared in Maine under the law
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