Suicide In Social Media

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Suicide in Social Media
Social media now plays a major role in our generation, which can be accessed at the tip of our fingers now making it hard to ignore the things we see. Allowing many people to share almost every minute of their life all over some form of social media. Social media can be addicting “An increase in suicide rates among US teens occurred at the same time social media use surged and new analysis suggest there may be a link” ( “Newsela”) Technology has changed over the following years, but that doesn’t change the fact of “cyber bullying” still exists in our generation. It’s just displayed as a different form of “bullying”, there’s a billion things that are posted on social media each seen in a different perspective giving a
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There have been studies to try and figure out the thought process of how social media can affect a teen with decision making. Recently there was a Netflix series of “13 reasons why” (“George, Donna St.”) affected a large group of teenage girls the story displayed the life of a high school girl telling and showing all the depression she had gone through eventually leading to her death blaming others for her…show more content…
The sudden increase in statistics should be a “wake-up” call for scientists who are currently studying how social media affects majority of all teens. Social media is used worldwide that exposes each individual to many things, there’s a “horrible side where vulnerable teens are encouraged to do the unthinkable.” (“Nick Whigham”).
“The internet has also provides a way for people to obtain how-to descriptions of suicide as well as lethal means to kill themselves.” (“David D. Luxton”) The media can influence suicidal behavior, the brain can be affected within seconds among young people making us easily influenced without knowing. Public health comes to a concern at the end “social media” is now seen as a “virtual community without physical borders” (“David D. Luxton”) Social media is controlled by multiple users we have a evolving phenomenon that social is only beginning to
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