Psychopatholog Social Support: A Literature Review

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Introduction Most people are exposed to at least one violent or life-threatening situation during the course of their lives (Ozer, Best, Lipsey, & Weiss, 2003). Also, losing a loved one through death is a common life event (Wittouck et al., 2011). Not everyone copes with these potentially disturbing events in the same way. Some people manage to go through the temporary disruption of loss or potentially traumatic events remarkably well and adapt successfully. Some people experience acute distress from which they are unable to recover while others seem to recover quickly but then begin to experience unexpected health problems or difficulties concentrating or enjoying life the way they used to (Bonanno, 2004). And in some cases, loss and trauma are followed by the development of…show more content…
Studies show that social support is a critical factor in the recovery of sexual abuse survivors (Tyler, 2002), and it can buffer the development of PTSD, especially when it enhances self-esteem (Hyman, Gold & Cott, 2003). Mason et al. (2009) examined the relationship between social support and the risk of sexual assault re-victimization. Re-victimized survivors received less emotional support and more blame than survivors who were not re-victimized, highlighting the importance of social support to recovery and the role of social support as a protective factor against future assaults. Furthermore, two prospective studies have shown that positive social support predicts lower subsequent PTSD avoidance symptoms (Dalgleish et al. 1996, Joseph et al. 1993). Finally, Bal et al. (2005) found that among adolescents, higher levels of crisis support immediately following disclosure of sexual abuse protected against the development of internalizing symptoms, which included posttraumatic stress

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