Social Symbolism In Herland

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“And woman should stand beside man as the comrade of his soul, not the servant of his body.” Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Gilman has depicted fine portraits of a variety of characters struggling between the two worlds Herland (the world which entirely consists of women) and United States of America (from where the boys have come which is a world full of corruption, violence, jealousy, competition, wars). As a feminist novel about the isolated society/country of women, the novel serves an idealistic viewpoint. Though it is a utopian novel but there is a touch of reality. The imaginary world is related to the contemporary world and has a realistic touch. Although it is an imaginary world yet there is so much to learn from them. Herland is an ideal novel from feminist point of view. With different themes and symbolism, Gilman has wonderfully dealt with the major issues of society related to women by means of creating this ideal utopian country.
This novel aptly furnishes the issues related to women, motherhood, identity,
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As Helen Cixous suggests, Gilman “breaks up truth with laughter.” (11) Although it was written hundred years ago yet it has so much relevance in the contemporary world. By strongly criticizing the culture and tradition of outside world, Gilman has brought this imaginary world with a feminist perspective. She has presented in her novel that, gender difference, suppression and oppression of women, sexual harassment, rape, will continue throughout the years. Gilman’s works are strongly embedded and connected with women like Women and Economics, Concerning Children, The home: Its work and Influence and many more. Herland depicts the breakdown of isolated society and expresses the changed ideas and the conflict between the outside world and their world. Van, the narrator of the story always is in dilemma seeing the girls of Herland so much
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