Social Systems In Islam: The Social System Of Islam

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The social system is one of the most important main systems in Islam because basically the entire public organization is relying on the social system; before we define the term “social system in Islam” we have to define the “social system” in general first; A social system means an organized strategy between each person of any society and how they are divided into specific groups that have several capacities, qualities and roots.
For example; the social system divides an immense number of population into family entities, strains, religious belongings, two types of genders and the classification of the social classes.
In Islam we involve the previous term but in specific standards and instructions, it is known as the bunches of rules that arrange all kind of relationship and the type of interactions between the two genders in the public and private life as well.

The social system in Islam has specific organization-strategies for the relationships between between the society members; so how these organizations seem like? first of all, the position of men and women In our Islamic social system we acknowledge the difference between both gender, and our system took care very well of that difference and put instructions that can be well-adapted with the nature of both gender, In some zones men and women have to follow the same instructions ;however, in another zones they don 't because simply they have various roles to do, for example Islam has clarified the roles in the

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