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Introduction Social Technology is defined by Gartner as “Any technology that facilitates social interactions and is enabled by a communications capability, such as the Internet or a mobile device.” [1] In this age of technical innovation, social tools are having a huge influence on how consumers choose to shop. An increased amount of people are using the web for information on products and services. It is a necessity for all retailers to take it to the next level by serving those customers with their desired products, in a streamlined user-friendly online shopping experience. This helps solve the issue whereby long lines instore, lead to customers over-analysing their product choices and often reconsider their purchase. [2] However it is…show more content…
The fact they are responsible for the creation of the first social network for shopping illustrates Net-A-Porters innovation, a key characteristic of a rising star in a market. It is through the functionalities provided by The Net Set that has enabled the company to distinguish themselves as the clear market leader in online retail. This introduction of the application has stemmed from a 46% increase in sales via mobile and tablets therefore making up 40% of the group’s overall sales. [5] Natalie Massenet (CEO), a strong leader of this rising company, identified the market shift to mobile sales and set about exploiting the clear potential opportunities. Her goal was to “combine the ease and convenience of online shopping with the pleasurable aspects of brick-and-mortar buying.”…show more content…
Firstly is its image recognition software. It was developed in-house by its software development team of fifteen driven employees. This functionality has been recognised by Forbes as part of “fashions smartest data play”; recognition which further proves Net-A-Porter as a rising star in Social Technology. Image recognition allows members to upload an image of a dress or top etc. that they may have spotted on the high street, for example. The application will then match the item as accurately as possible to clothing items on the Net-A-Porter online store from their collection of 350 lines. Moreover, the Net Set image recognition has the ability to further satisfy customer’s social shopping needs. The application has the unique ability “to channel a shopper’s inspiration into a purchase.” This takes customer interaction to a complete new level that no other online store has managed to achieve. For example, a member can upload an image of a particular flower and it will return a host of dresses, coats, tops etc. in that particular floral print. Massenet has accurately described this functionality as such: “It’s like the Shazam for shopping.” She went onto praise her teams technical skills stating “there is so much complexity, trying to teach a computer to act like a human eye, but sometimes it is freakishly accurate.”

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