Compare And Contrast The Trends Of Family Life And Care

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Contemporary South Africa is filled with diverse cultural differences in the population group, meaning that there are a vast amount of methods or types of manners in which children are brought up and cared for. In many instances it is evident that racecialised trends and socio economic standing determines how children are brought up and cared for in their different circumstances. This essay will thoroughly explore the racialised trends of family life and care in todays South Africa. Focus will be placed on how care differs with different class distinctions, gender roles, norms and their influence on access to different types of care. The role of families, the market and the state in the provision of care for children in South Africa will also be addressed.

Care differs amongst different race groups. Each race group can be said to have their own trends when it comes to caring for children
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Family form is mainly determined by income rather than race, “Income is now a more accurate predictor of family form than race group.”(Brey et al, 2010, 94) Parents in different social classes have different beliefs in how the bearing and rearing of children should be approached. Childcare in low-income households is generally focused on “natural growth” while children in the middle class are cared for by “concerted cultivation”. Annette Lareau defines “concerted cultivation” as the upbringing and caring of children through extra-mural activities, which enhance skills and the ability to learn, and is arranged and financed by parents. “Natural growth” was described as allowing a Childs development to unfold spontaneously. Children in the middle-class have more opportunities thus putting them in a position to have a higher social standing and achieve more than children in the lower
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