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My family and friends play a large support role in my life. In times of need and in times of positivity there a few people I want to share those moments with and turn to. When considering who I surround myself with I make sure that these people have similar values as me and will be there for me in times of need. The biggest social supports I have in my life are my mother and my sister. I have somewhat of a unique situation because my parents got divorced when I was in high school. My sister and I are nine years apart which made it difficult to relate to one another. However, when my parents decided to separate my sister is who I turned to the most. Both my mother and my sister have showed me what a great work ethic looks like and they have also shown me the importance of self-love. Whenever I have questions about something or just need to discuss decisions with, I turn to them first. They advise me on what they think is the best option for me and sometimes just help me weight my options. I know that they understand me the best and that they are able to support me in whatever I chose to do. In times of trouble or need I turn mostly to my family because they are the ones that I have been through a lot with. My parents’ divorce was very nasty and it lead to a very rough time for my sister, mother and I. Because of…show more content…
As I mentioned when discussing my micro cultures, I mentioned how I feel that as a woman I have to push myself a little harder to gain recognition and respect. Respect is a value that stands out to me because I don’t think that enough people are recognized for their hard work and recognition. In today’s society, we constantly compete with each other and we have more envy and jealousy than we do respect. We will never truly understand everyone else’s life but it is important to build a foundation on mutual respect. This allows us to mutually support one another and build a gateway to understanding one

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