Social Violence Against Women

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The process of Social Change is influenced when Women in the Society accomplish their full potential and contribute as equal partners in all dimensions of life. The Scope for this Social Change in India, one of the world’s most populated country is large. Over half of the Indian population is Women whose status has been changing or rather transforming dynamically since decades. The most recent Rio Olympics is a perfect example to show that the four fold status role of Women is no more the same. One side of the coin shows the Multi Tasking Women role and their participation in Social, Economic and Political Activities spreading across the spheres. But then the other
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The most important human rights are being violated when women are being deprived. It is one of the most pervasive of human rights violations, denying women and girls equal status, secure living conditions, self-esteem, recognition, and their right to freedom. The aspect of Violence is widely spreading across the spheres of class, creed, religion, income, culture, age and education. Though Violence is forbidden in many societies, when it comes to violation of women’s human rights it is often legitimized under the veil of traditional, cultural and religious practices. The most obvious and habitual form of violence is that which takes place in four walls or at homes which is often ignored or not considered heinous crime and thus a passive response is displayed by the law.
The most prevalent form of Violence against women is Domestic Violence which is concealed and overlooked by majority of people irrespective of culture and country. According to UNICEF INNOCENTI DIGEST 2000, Domestic violence is defined as
“Violence which includes, violence perpetrated by intimate partners and other family members, and manifested through:
Physical abuse such as beating, kicking, threats with weapon and murder. It also includes traditional practices harmful to women such as female genital mutilation and wife
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The indefinable nature of psychological abuse is what makes it harder to describe and report which often leaves woman in mentally unbalanced and helpless situations. Domestic Violence is perpetrated deliberately for the purpose of controlling the identity and behavior of
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