Social Welfare Philosophy Essay

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I focus on my personal philosophy of social welfare when answering this question, leading me to consider my value, skill and knowledge as a social worker as it complements my personal social welfare philosophy. My value as a social worker, which includes my social welfare philosophy, is nothing short of a social workers’ Code of Ethics which are: service, social justice, dignity, worth of the individual, integrity and competence. If I am to use my personal philosophy of social welfare to initiate a discussion about Toni’s situation in a manner that will show that I am presenting my initial response to a team meeting composed of my peers in HSRV 201, I will begin by stressing on service to humanity which is one of the pivotal points in social…show more content…
While stressing the fact that “Many social workers decide to enter the profession because they recognize the need to help underprivileged, vulnerable populations, such as the homeless, those struggling with substance abuse issues or victims of domestic violence” (Ashley Miller,2017,n.p). I would continue to stress the fact that being social workers, we possess the professional know how, the innate desire and ability to give meaning to the lives of people who are not as lucky or who are incapable of speaking for themselves. I will continue to use the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers to substantiate my…show more content…
Citing an article published in 2009 in "The Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics,” Ashley posits that “competence also means that you're continually striving to improve your knowledge and to make meaningful contributions to the profession” (2017, n.p). As a result of this, I will continue to seek professional advice from more qualified social workers and other allied professionals and I will continue to consult my lecturers and engage in academic research bordering on how to support social
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