Social Work: A Career As A Career

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Social work is a career that I have recently become interested in pursuing. I spent many years with misconceptions concerning the sector. However, following three years of working close by these experts, I have picked up a more profound comprehension of the significance of the work and the assortment of roles that need a social worker 's ability. I am especially interested in working in child welfare and working with children that are dealing with long term and terminal illnesses. I have got to a stage in my career where I have started to search out instruction that will make me more efficient in creating plans and providing services for vulnerable people. I am confident that the skills that I will gain from completing a social work master’s degree will help me collaborate with people in need and aid sustainable growth in their lives.…show more content…
I experienced immense kindness when working with professionals in the government that guided me through goal planning, financial plans and receiving benefits. I was lucky enough to work with individuals who were models for the profession. The help I received dispelled negative stereotypes unconsciously held and started my shift towards the realization that I would like to pursue the role as a
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