Social Work And Feminism Essay

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This week’s body of literature explored the diverse experiences of women. Through this exploration, the literature disputed that Feminist Theory and Social Work practices’ analyze and communicate women’s issues within univariate theoretical frameworks. Collectively, the authors addressed a few univariate frameworks, such as theories of justice, gender theory, identity politics, ethics of care, and expressions of power and the correlations of white privilege and male privilege. The literature argued that these frameworks are fundamental to the direction and scope of Social Work and Feminism. Each author debunked the effectiveness of these frameworks and argued that such methods neglect to acknowledge the differences among us and eliminates variation…show more content…
The reading Identity Politics; Learning from Violence against Women of Color was fused with new knowledge, especially the definition of identity politics. Over the years, I gained knowledge of intersectionality, and its importance but did not conceptualize its absence as identity politics, and honestly, I never heard of this terminology. The concept of identity politics fits within the varying interpretations and definitions of feminism. Feminism has recognized the importance of intersectional frameworks. Now, it must cease practices of group-based or advocate against identity politics, which excludes our varying perceptions and realities. Intersectionality is applicable to Social Work and is the core reason social workers must utilize the person-in-environment framework. For class discussion, I would love to explore the following concepts: what inspires us to advance civilization and how does that answer overlap with or differ from our perception of power or powerfulness? With all the right beliefs about social equality, can one practice or contribute to oppression? And lastly, is there a global oppression of people of
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