Social Work Case Study: Elderly Abuse

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Mr. B. ‘s study was touching because it has proven research correct, most elderly abuse does happen at the hands of family members. I wonder what the doctor was thinking when she knew that something was going on with Mr. B.’s medication. I think that it was a smart move to ask for his medication instead of just giving him a higher dosage of the methadone. I am glad that the doctor did this first instead of accusing Mr. B. of seeking drugs or becoming an addicted to his pain killers. The sad part about this case is that the abuser did not realize the danger, pain and suffered that her uncle was going through. I believe her actions to switch the drugs were intentional, but I do not believe her motive was not to harm him because the medication was switched with over-the-counter pills. It was her drug habit that caused her to lose control of what was more important. I knew that this case was going to call for restoration of health for Mr. B. and planning an intervention for the caregiver. Future Practice Implications…show more content…
I remember during undergrad a professor stated, “We have to be ready to extend our resources for those who are guilty of abuse. I did not appreciate the advice at first because I did not have the mind set of a social worker; I was allowing my biases to take over. Through this case study, I did not realize that I had transformed into a social worker until the feelings came to help the abuser. Also without the training about being culturally competent and the social worker skills and practices, I would not have had the resources or the compassion to help the
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