Social Work Case Study

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GG Surrey ASYE supporting statement 2
I qualified as a Social Worker in July 2016 from London Southbank University; I am HCPC registered and would like to be considered for the ASYE programme. As a newly qualified social worker I am looking to achieve and develop my social work career, including the opportunity to complete the Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE). Over the years, I have developed extensive experience of working with both children and adults from diverse social backgrounds as well as contributing positively to social care service delivery. I am reliable, considerate and have the flexibility to adapt to new roles, tasks and challenging situations; I am also able to negotiate through effective communication, and trust
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I took telephone referrals and assessment, considering eligibility criterial and level of need, including recourse to public funds, bearing in mind Equality Act 2010 and Human Right Act 1998 to fare access to children in need and their families. Again my experience included responsibility of assessing their mental health and other health issues; health & safety and fire safety induction, advice and risk assessment and safeguarding plans to staying safe from further abuse and away from perpetrator and danger areas. Assessment included present circumstances, history and future potential to risk and likelihood of children exposed to domestic abuse; and the decision whether issues should be reported under S47 where a child may be at risk of significant harm, or S17 a child in need, monitoring neglect, drug & alcohol dependency and future probability of…show more content…
I am able to operate and use software such as SharePoint and other organisational databases to store, manage and share information; including recording clear, timely and accurate case notes within timescales, collating reports and care plans for families. At Hestia housing & support and on placements I have worked proactively with team members and professional; where I managed service user caseloads and administrative responsibilities in line with policies of information sharing, Data Protection Act, and Access to information, 1998 with the freedom of information Act 2000 and service user right to access information about themselves. Including daily recording of activities, support with independent living; budgeting, assessing community services, housing applications, information sharing, support with managing mental health issues, medication, treatment plan with mental health professionals and social
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