Social Work Case Study Health And Social Care

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The S.W must acknowledge that Ashley at her age experiences new sensations and feelings. She might place a great importance on what other people may think of her. That's why she might be reluctant and hesitant in disclosing certain aspects about her existing situation. We don't know if Ashley discussed her concerns with her mum or other family members, so she needs to be approached sensitively , as she might feel ashamed. She might be afraid that she might be disbelieved by Jackie or her extended family, therefore there is a risk of emotional abuse that might arise as a consequence of her disclosure. The social worker must act with empathy which plays a crucial role. It is highly important for the S.W to be able to establish a positive environment that could encourage Ashley to provide key information that can contribute to the interview's quality. According to Piaget(1928) who developed a theory of intellectual development , Ashley is at an age when she is able to grasp abstract thinking and…show more content…
the S.W must assess Jackie's ability Jackie's ability to provide basic care (Maslow ,1982) stimulation, warmth , support . In many occasions, the research findings have found that the S.W overestimated the parents capacity and ability to understand the concerns raised by professionals and to make appropriate changes to meet the child's particular needs.( Selwyn., 2006). The attachment style should be examined to determine whether Jackie is acting in Ashley's best interest . Jackie's relationship with her daughter can be mostly positive, negative or ambivalent. Much attention must be given to the level of her dependency with her boyfriend, Stefan. Her willingness to protect Ashley is another factor that should be taken into account. She might be firm and align initially her verbal response to her daughter needs, appearing supportive, but she might behave totally opposite when the professionals won't be
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