Social Work Case Study: Rose And The Social Worker

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Rose and the social worker need to address biological factors in her situation in order to have success in her case. The most important goal is to manage her health, more specifically her asthma. Rose’s father and social worker must work with Rose in order to make sure her asthma gets better than what it currently is. The objective would be to link the father and daughter, if needed, to physicians, transportation, insurance resources, and develop medication compliance, and help manage healthy eating habits. This will minimize the possible occurrence of fatality and emergency room occurrence due to medical complications. Despite her risk factor of medical complications, she has a great protective which is her intellectual ability, she is a smart, resilient, bright, creative, and does well overall. Combining those imperative skills and characteristics she will do great with assistance of creating a medical plan to make sure she stays healthy. A psychological goal for Rose is being able to identify with her emotions or to be congruent while working through her treatment plan. She will also be able communicate when she is feeling or having certain…show more content…
This is a great step because a social worker is able to identify an important outlet. Not only can we apply her spiritual belief as a protective factor and believing in a higher calling, we can apply her spiritual orientation as an outlet to the other goals. Rose can use Buddhist practices such as yoga or meditation in order to combat any obstacles working toward her biological, psychological, and social goals. The goal for Rose will maintain emotional regulation when obtaining goals. Rose’s spiritual objective that has been mutually agreed upon is allowing herself to practice yoga or meditation to overcome her obstacles and develop a closer relationship to her spiritual orientation and connect with herself better than her previous
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