Social Work Case Study: The Carter Family

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Based on the information provided I would want to know more about Ms. Carter’s family. I would like to ask them questions about her becoming more distant from them. I would ask how long has this behavior been going on. I would also ask her mother what her childhood was like and has she always shown signs of depression. I want to know more about her first CPS case that was closed. I would like to interview her previous caseworker and see how Ms. Carter’s previous living situation and mental health differ from how they are now. Additional information I would also like to obtain is to see where David wanders to when he sometimes leaves without telling his mother. I would like to know why he chose to walk near the highway. I would also like to…show more content…
A major sign of maltreatment these children face is neglect. Ms. Carter ignores her children and fails to give them the care and attention they need. She mostly sleeps and lets the children take care of themselves. She does not have a real bond with her daughter. She passes the young child off to her son and to her neighbor Ms. Smith. Ms. Carter stated she lets Ashley sit in front of the television all day because she loves to watch cartoons. Physical neglect is also prevalent in this case. Ashley is not where she is supposed to be developmentally. She just started walking at the age of two and only says a few words. All of the behaviors Ms. Carter is displaying is that of a mother in Reactive Depression. She responds to all of her troubles by giving up rather than fighting to make things better for her children. She is hopeless and always in a state of depression. The maltreatment is mild and not as severe, but this family would be difficult to treat. This would be difficult to treat because the issues related to neglect are more difficult to identify. The treatment for neglect is not as simple as the other types of maltreatment. Helping this family will be a long and slow process to…show more content…
Carter and Ashley do not have a real attachment to one another. Ms. Carter never tries to bond with Ashley. Whenever Ashley gets out of hand Ms. Carter will put her off on Ms. Smith or David. Instead of trying to spend time with her daughter she would rather sit her in front of the television to watch cartons all

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