Social Work Field Experience Essay

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Participating in a volunteer field experience this semester has been very rewarding yet challenging. It has been difficult to understanding the requirements for the field experience. As I began listening to my classmate and their suggestions of different social agencies I started to understand the broadness of social work. After acknowledging this, I knew I had to narrow down my options bases on my interests, in order to find a field site I would be passionate about and would be a good learning experience from. Automatically, I recognized my populations of interest are young people who are dealing with difficulties in their lives. However, I was still puzzled as to what type of difficulties my clients would be experiencing. This led me to recognize…show more content…
In addition to this I expected that the school social worker was responsible of ensuring that each student with learning accommodation was receiving the attention and resource they needed for example occupational therapy. To expand my knowledge about the job function and performance responsibilities of a school social worker, I visited the School Social Work Association of America website. After visiting this website I was able to understand more about the roles of school Social Worker. Also I learned about some of the specific services that School Social Workers provide. Additional questions I researched were: Why do today 's schools need School Social Workers? And the population they serve. Understanding more in depth about the job function and performance responsibilities of a school social worker I started to brainstorm how I can fulfill some of those responsibilities during my field experience. Some of the responsibilities I want to assist in was developing positive behavioral intervention strategies and helping the child develop appropriate social interaction
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