Social Work Intervention

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Assessments and interventions undertaken with offenders necessitate an acknowledgment that social work in the criminal justice system is a political activity, with statutory social workers bound by the legislative and policy frameworks. It is also a moral activity, with a set of standards and codes of practice that determine the values and ethics of practice. Most often our role is determined by a court or a parole board with terms and conditions of supervision and compliance which must be adhered to. The social worker must, however, balance the expectations of the prosecutor with the needs of the offender. The social work role, therefore, becomes one of both support and control. There is something of a dilemma within the sociological context…show more content…
On the other hands, the social workers try to understand the client and the community, make an appropriate diagnosis and to proceed with treatment. They can help to solve the problems and change the situations to bring about better adjustment eventually. Finally, sociology and social work collaborate together and they will figure out the causes of why people breaking norms or laws, so it cannot be denied that sociology and social work can build a better society through settling the problem by finding the root…show more content…
Symbolic interactionism is “a theoretical approach in sociology developed by Mead, which places a strong emphasis on the role of symbols and language as core elements of all human interaction” (Giddens 2005, p.700). In George Herbert Mead’s theory of self, what he presents is symbolic interaction approach sees these changes disclose the essential knowledge of our social world. In other words, social interaction generates the self. Sociologists believe that individual experience is created by social interaction and social structures. According to Self, Social Structure, and Beliefs: Explorations in Sociology (2004), "Sociology envisions both individual and collective agency through the lens of these social categories and socially oriented action, so that both individual and collective behavior are portrayed in terms of their relations to institutions and sociological eye, psychoanalytic ear social processes rather than in terms of individually idiosyncratic goals or beliefs. " Hence, when sociologists study individuals, they tend to start with social categories, class, gender and

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