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2.1 Chapter Introduction The previous chapter provided introductory information about social work profession and social work education with a special focus to Indian scenario. This chapter presents the reviews of previous research studies on social work education and the reviews of research based articles on the challenges and prospects of social work education in Indian context. The first part of this chapter includes the reviews of seven research studies on social work education and practice in India and the second part includes the reviews of four recent research based articles on social work education and practice in Indian context. This chapter would help to contextualise the present study with the support
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Social work students and practitioners were the respondents of the study. In this study he found that respondents had a mixed perception about ‘whether social work education was westernised or not?’. As response to this question many of the respondents reported that though the literature was western overall education neither was nor westernised. More students felt that education was in tune with the Indian situations. The experiments and adaptation made in the field work, class examples given by the faculty members and the integrated social work course were appreciated. The practitioners were of the opinion that , experience and motivational knowledge were the important factors in adaptability. Some respondents reported that, India is too diverse in cultural characteristics and therefore one cannot expect one Indian model to suit all the regions. Model has to adopt to local needs ( Ejaz,…show more content…
The specific objects of the study were to understand the perceptions and experiences of professional social work students, teachers and practitioners on the role of professional social work education in the present society and whether professional social work education respond to the societal needs as it should respond; to critically review the professional social work education as offered in different parts of Kerala; to gather opinion on the competencies of professional social workers to deal with societal issues; and to suggest measures to make professional social work education in Kerala more responsive to societal needs. The respondents of the study were a total of 185 social work students and 20 social work educators selected from Rajagiri College of Social Science, Loyola College of Social Science, Sreesankaracharya University of Sanskrit and Vimala College Thrissur selected using random sampling procedures. The respondents also include heads of 20 Voluntary Organisations randomly selected from Ernakulam, Thiruvanathapuram, Kannur and Thrissur Districts. The major finding of this study was that there exists a considerable amount of perception difference among professionals regarding poor quality of professional social work education. He pointed out

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