Social Work Mission Statement

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Why? I am interested in becoming a master-level social worker because I believe it is the next step for me. I hope to work with the early childhood population and their families. I have spent all of my professional career with this population and feel this is where I best stand. But I am ready to move from a teaching aspect into a more influential place where I am able to have a bigger impact on the children who need it most. MSW at UNCC I am looking for a program where I will be with others who are committed to social justice causes and where I can be a part of a community of learners who are open minded, scientifically driven and who truly strive to make a difference. After reviewing the mission statement, course list and program goals I believe this is the place I will find what I am looking for and will be able to flourish. Background During college, I gained experience with children and had a real start in…show more content…
Social Work as a Profession My understanding of social work as a profession is that it is a profession that truly focuses on the wellbeing of all people. It is a group of professionals who strive to make the world a better place, especially for those who cannot advocate for themselves, for those who are vulnerable or oppressed and who need a shoulder to lean on and a hand up, not a hand out. Core social work values such as service and social justice are personal values of mine. I have always believed it is my duty to serve those who need it. This is reflected by my history of service throughout my college years and my year of full time dedicated service through Americorps. These are near and dear to my heart and I believe going into a MSW program is the next step for me to continuing to dedicating my life to help better the lives of others.
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