Social Work Observation Report

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During my interview with my friend, Breanna Willis, I was practicing my skills as a social worker and she was my client. Throughout my interview I was able to gather information from Breanna, to see what was going on with her and help find a goal plan. My documentation will include preparation for the interview, a self-critique of the entire interview, and feedback from my interviewee. More so, this interview was to better help me form into a better social worker and let me know the corrections I need to work on for any future interviews I may have as a social worker. Before I began the interview with my client, I went over the client intake form to prepare my-self on what to expect with my client. It provides a good understanding of what type of client I will be working with, such as male or female, young or older, and even a brief description of what problem the client is having. Breanna, my client, wrote down on the client intake form that she was have issues being…show more content…
Breanna, my client began by discussing she is having issues with school and has changed her major several times, from Nursing, Occupational therapy, to Medical administration. Breanna explained she loved working with people, but discovered she didn’t like the medical field. She is currently working full-time for an eye doctor and likes it, but still not the career she wants in life. More so, my client discussed she doesn’t feel motivated in attending class, because of being indecisive on a major, she was taking online classes that she was not use to doing. Breanna, mentioned that her parents are very supportive on her decision in taking a break from school, because she is basically wasting money on classes she’s not even sure she wants to
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