Social Work Practice Essay

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According to Razack & Badwall (2006) there are number of factors to integrate social work professionals and students to practice in North American regions. In this field the social work practice and education need some changes from its long established awareness base to internationally accepted patterns. In this context “the impact of globalization and internationalization in social work education and changes in North American regions is very relevant “ In this essay ,” Regional Perspectives…from North America “ Narda Razack & Harjeet Badwall (2006) try to emphasizes on significant challenges that common in North American region in the field of social work. The first and most important concept is globalization and internationalization…show more content…
The concept of globalization and internationalization are greatly enhancing this profession globally. First and significant view is that the employment opportunities and international education upgraded through these concepts universally. Secondly it gives a platform for the social work professional and students to exchange their ideas and exposures through globally. Thirdly, due to globalization and internationalization, the global economy wants to eliminate the stigmatization of people especially in North American regions .In addition, social work profession always demanding a good rapport with other people especially for clients, for the introduction of globalization and internationalization concepts the social workers can break the psychosocial territory and understand the global realties for the social intervention strategies in a positive way. In another view point, through globalization and internalization in the educational filed greatly help to social work students to avoid the judgmental attitudes and multicultural dimensions of the society and people. Within these perceptions international social work students always take care of dominion powers and its relevance in practical intervention measures. In conclusion, Globalization and internationalization has both positive and negative impacts on social work practice and education in North American region, if the people have right perceptions on these ideas they can take the fruitfulness in it. The thinking of globalization always enhancing the social work profession
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