Social Work Practice

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The social work role in mental health is that of the social context and social consequences of mental illness. The purpose of social work practice is to promote recovery, restore individual family and community wellbeing in order to enhance the development of each individual’s power and control over their lives. This will also promote advance on the principals of social justice. The social work practice begins with the individual and then extends to family, social networks, community and the broader society (Australian Association of Social Workers, 2008). Individuals with mental health illness’ seek professional help during difficult times, discrimination and stigma, freedom from abuse, support to recover, getting their own homes and jobs…show more content…
This is due to the experience of stigma, discrimination and disadvantage, even including the mental health professionals. According to the ASWEAS (2012) the values and attitudes identified come from the practice principals that are specific to mental health. These are identified in the “AASW Competency Standards for Mental Health Social Workers”. Some examples of these include of: valuing and recognition of the person, respect for the client as a person – regardless of their mental health problems, a duty to the importance of partnership and mutuality – especially with clients and their family/ friends through active collaboration and a willingness to participate in a respectful partnership, a commitment to social justice for people with mental health problems – based on their human rights and to advocate at the system and individual level. In here also comes the compassion, empathy and the importance of conveying assurance and hope, as well as the sensitivity to process and adherence to honesty, mutuality, integrity and respect in professional
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