Social Work Program Analysis

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When I received my acceptance letter from the School of Social Work, I was excited and had prepared myself for this higher learner program. I did not know what to expect, but I was determined to finish this program. I had made a choice to prioritize my life, so that my studies would not be affected and it was an effective measurement for me. There were days that giving up seemed easier, but my will and determination would not allow me to quit. In fact, I had surprised myself by achieving and maintaining a 3.0 GPA and currently two classes away from a minor in Sociology. I am proud of my accomplishments because this was my third time returning back to school and failure was not an option. Thorough all of my stresses, I have managed to obtain…show more content…
This program has challenged and forced me to think critically about social issues that are placed on disadvantaged populations. I am no longer easily intimidated by others or shy and often voice the importance of changing the injustices and biases that are faced by vulnerable individuals. As an individual who once had tunnel vision, I have become well-informed and appreciative of the differences and views of others. This program has taught me how to form relationships without placing bias or prejudgments other people, I have been introduced to a whole new world. Engaging with these individuals have taught me how to work collaboratively, collectively, and cohesively as a group member. In social work there is diversity among clients and colleagues and a social worker must know how to adapt in this changing environment. When faced with challenges, I have sought out the support and advice from professors, social workers, and classmates and this has been effective for me. I found that making preconceived notions about others had limited me, but being in this program has given me an opportunity to meet a diverse group of individuals. This opportunity has allowed me to evolve into a better person, but have made lifetime
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