Social Work Reflection

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1. As I sit back and think of the many things I have learned through personal events, engagements, observations, or opinions while walking through the different avenues of life, I realize how much of my pathway has been aligned with the social work profession. This came as a surprise since the social work profession was not the initial goal. I moved to Clovis, NM, to attend Clovis Community College nursing program in order to work as a case manager. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to decline my acceptance and turned my focus to another career where I could help geriatrics or veterans. I reviewed the degree plans at Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU) and came across social work. I researched social work and discovered this was a better career path to serve and help make a difference on a small or larger scale.
My professional background in the medical field began when I became a nurse’s assistant at sixteen. During my time at the nursing home, I grew fond of working with geriatrics. My empathy developed healthy and quickly as I became friends with the residents who did not have visitors. Through my observation of behaviors, I learned how important a visit could be to an aged individual and how appreciative they were in my time through their gratitude, compliments, and smiles. I gained a valuable understanding of the aging process and the challenges they face with aging. I learned from their life stories and gained a new a perspective on my own life. In
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