Case Study: The N. S. Code Of Social Work Ethics

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Throughout my collegiate journey in my undergraduate studies in Social Work I have learned a tremendous proportion of knowledge as it relates to being a competent and ethical Social Worker. One primary lesson that I have learned is that in order to proficiently serve clients, Social Workers must consistently evaluate and enhance their clinical skills. To effectively service populations that are at risk, vulnerable, and oppressed Social Workers must be educated on the demographics of the target population. Social Workers must also be eager and willing to conduct, engage and study evidence based research to competently assist clients, communities and systems. The N.A.S.W. Code of Ethics (2008) discusses how competence is an ethical value of the…show more content…
By advancing on into Graduate school, I can focus on strengthening the areas that needs more work such as enhancing my assessment skills. I am cognizant on the pertinence of assessments and how it establishes the needs and external and internal resources that may impact a client. Properly conducting an assessment is an important aspect of Social Work practice and is typically the first step in developing a strong clinician and client relationship. The findings from assessments are taken into consideration when developing plans of action, and goal setting. I will also continue to work on my advocacy and leadership intervention skills. Social Workers are expected to be advocates on the behalf of their clients on a micro, mezzo and macro level of practice. They must be willing to challenge injustice to ensure equality for at risk and vulnerable populations. Advocacy leads to change, and allows clients to feel empowerment in their…show more content…
I have learned how to have a respect for diversity. Social workers serve a diverse array of clients in many different sectors of society. Diversity offers many challenges, but it also offers strengths that can be utilized to overcome obstacles. A social worker who understands this can effectively service clients. This placement has also helped me to understand the values of the social work profession in a multitude of ways. It has strengthened my understanding of the overall core competencies of the Social Work profession. It has taught me skills to interact with diverse clients, and taught me to be understanding of my strengths and areas that needs improvement. It has also furthered my understanding of how to deal with ethical dilemmas that may arise during practice. I have learned the importance of seeking guidance and advice from my clinical supervisor when I am in need of guidance or support on how to handle unethical situations that may
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