Why I Want To Be A Social Worker

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回歸信念 is a book written by 21 experienced social workers. They shared their own stories on their changes during years of working in the field with readers. Also, they shared about how they became who they are now and what they are looking for social workers in the new generation by telling us their personal experience. According to Dr. Kim(2010), believe is when values come from the bottom of our hearts, not just only from our words. The first chapter claimed people need to based on their faith and passion to achieve the dream of becoming a social worker. To be honest, I do not have the dream of what kind of social worker I would like to be. Everyone around me seems to have their own goal or a dream on this field. At first, I found it frustrated when everyone is so passionate and have their own destination. I started to think if I am not passionate to become a social worker. However, I remembered one told me that it is acceptable to not have a dream now, but it is not acceptable if we stop looking for one. This quote is the foundation of my values: “Make no regrets, and try to do the best”. Another main values of mine is “appreciate everything”. In chapter 8,…show more content…
Every time I face difficulties, I will feel stress. It is because I want to do the best, on the other hand, I am afraid I would make mistake. Therefore, I tend to do things that I am good at, in this way, I can handle the problem in the best way without making mistake. After reading this book, I realized that I have to make some changes. In chapter 5, the author claimed that social workers need to accept who we are. This is the substructure of acceptance. I need to accept that we need face difficulties in everyday life, not everything can turn out the way I wanted, not even when I tried. It is okay for everyone to have weakness. However, I know it will be a long progress, but this change can benefit both my personal development and my career

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