Social Work Reflective Journal Analysis

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Reflective Journal
Throughout the book, it emphases the importance of “faith” of social workers. Only if social workers identify their most valuable faith can they have motivation to continue on their journey of serving individual and society. Persisting in the faith is not an easy task as frustration may happen constantly. Social workers may have struggles from their lost time. However, the most important thing is to reflect what can be learnt during perplexity. A brand-new perspective of social work values will be constituted. There are a number of significant faiths worth bearing in mind no matter for my social work practice or lifetime compliance, which are defending social justice by getting close to the oppressed groups, being an ally with service users by building up spiritual touch, having belief in human capacity of change and use of own strengths, accumulating own effort to affect lives of service users, showing genuineness, acceptance and
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What I did is telling myself to ignore anything make me feel distressed and move forward as quickly as possible, instead of learning from mistakes. If I never face myself lacking confidence and preparation, I will not be able to overcome it one day. The nature of social work is to understand the thoughts and feelings of service users before accompanying them to find ways out of plights. To achieve that, social workers are assumed to be conscious of emotions so that they can have insight and sensitivity to the feelings of others. I never succeed to explore the inner world of service users if I never discover myself first. Hence, I have set a goal to start embracing the positive and negative sides of myself. Facing oneself genuinely may be tough and frustrating. This is, however, an inevitable process of a personal growth from weakness. I believe in human capacity for change, especially in
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